The EV Energy project is delighted to announce that Julie Chenadec, project manager at Green IT Amsterdam and coordinator of the project, will be speaking at the IAA Conference in Frankfurt. 

The IAA Conference is the largest gathering of mobility experts in the world and an important platform to discuss and shape future mobility and the industry. It takes place from the 11-13 September 2019 in Frankfurt (Germany) in the framework of the IAA and the New Mobility World.

Details on the speech: 

  • Topic: Regulatory Policy
  • Track Title: Regulatory Policy – Accelerator or handbrake for innovation?
  • Stage: Expert Forum (84 PAX)
  • Time and Date: Friday, September 13, 14:15 – 15:15h
  • Allocated speaking time: 10 Minutes

Julie Chenadec will focus on large scale integration of e-mobility and clean energy in the city as one of Europe’s undeniable near future urban challenges.