The Province of Flevoland (NL) prepares for the integration of e-mobility and renewable energy.

The past two years, the Province of Flevoland has worked together with partners from Stockholm, Kaunas, Barcelona, Rome and Amsterdam in the Interreg Europe project EV Energy. The main goal of the project is to find solutions for the integration of renewable energy and electric mobility, as an important factor in the energy transition.

These solutions contribute to several regional policies like the Smart Mobility programme and Regional Energy Strategy (RES), which in turn contribute to the national Climate Agreement. The Netherlands are on the eve of adopting the Climate Agreement. The Climate Agreement contains 600 proposals and agreements for hundreds of measures to reduce CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. In 2030, 70 percent of all electricity will come from renewable sources and around 1.8 million charging stations for electric vehicles will be available. Mobility is emission-free in 2050, whereby electric mobility plays an important role. 

Flevoland is one of the parties to sign the Climate Agreement. The coming period will be used to consult stakeholders about how to achieve the national goals and to translate this into regional and local policies.

To this end, a Regional Action Plan has been developed in the framework of EV Energy. The Action Plan outlines how to improve Flevoland’s policies and practices based on lessons learnt from the cooperation with project partners and stakeholders from other participating regions.  

The Province of Flevoland aims to integrate the renewable energy and mobility policies on regional level, to be prepared for the huge effect of e-mobility on the (renewable) energy system.

In addition, the province will apply the lessons learned in concrete area development projects. For example to carry out a Sustainable Mobility and Energy Simulation to develop an integrated energy system at Lelystad Airport and its adjacent Businesspark and to integrate lessons learned from the Amsterdam ArenA and Flexpower project in the ERDF project PowerParking.

The province is also focusing on capacity building actions concerning e-mobility as an integrated part of the energy transition.

The Regional Action Plan is a result of a number of activities between project partners and their stakeholders. Stakeholders of Flevoland were actively involved in the exchange of experience process through the local Regional Stakeholder Events (RSE), study visits and events in the project partners’ regions.