Our action plans are finalised, policy improvements are in prospect

This is it! EV Energy has finally arrived to the end of the first project phase and all project partners have completed and published their regional action plans (APs).  

The action plans are the result of a two-year-long process of interregional exchange of experience and learning ranging from study visits, workshops and conferences to webinars and stakeholder meetings. At the end of this challenging but very rewarding exercise we came up with five ambitious APs to improve our region’s energy and mobility policies.

Our successful conference organised in Almere in June closed the first phase of the project and along with this the APs were presented. Here you can find a short video resuming the actions envisaged by each of our project partners.

To give you a first taste of what our action plans are about, here a short summary of the first actions of project partners and regions:

  • Green IT Amsterdam/Province of Flevoland: Integration of renewable energy and mobility policies on regional level
  • Barcelona Chamber of Commerce: Development strategy of recharging infrastructure for electric motorcycles in Barcelona
  • Stockholm County Council: Implementation of an information platform for the development of electrical vehicles and infrastructure for electrification and renewable fuels in Stockholm region
  • Kaunas University of Technology: Development of a country-wide EV charging network
  • Anci Lazio/EUR: Implementation of the Power Parking project (in Lelystad Airport in Flevoland). It is a pilot project in which large carparks are converted into renewable energy plants, connected with a smart grid to EV chargers and the adjacent buildings

More actions and useful information on the specific partners’ needs and how they have transformed the interregional learning experience into action plans, can be found in the respective documents all available on the library section of our website.

Starting from July 2019, partners have 2 years - until June 2021 - to implement their actions. Meanwhile, the project will close monitor the activities and support them with additional interregional information exchange.

If you are interested in any of the action plans - policy development, outputs, etc. - do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Our major and final conference of this second project phase will take place in Kaunas (LT) in the second half of 2020 (concrete date tbc).

More information will follow in due time.