On Friday 25/9/2020, the 4th stakeholder meeting took place online using Skype for Business, due to the COVID-19 restrictions. One presentation was delivered by Mr. Christos Bouras, Professor of the University of Patras and Scientific Director of the project, who made an introduction to the project and presented the agenda of the meeting.

In total, 2 presentations were delivered by invited speakers. The first one of them was delivered by Mr. Manolis Tsapakis,(Research Director of the Institute of Oceanography, Hellenic Center for Marine Research), who presented measures towards a healthy environment and sustainable aquaculture, as the rapid development of aquaculture requires the sustainable use of resources and the least impact on the environment. The second presentation was delivered by Mr. Ioannis Karakasis, (Professor in the Department of Biology, University of Crete), who thoroughly presented the current conflicts of interest and conflict resolution in the aquaculture sector and provided several good practices for reducing the intensity of conflicts.

After the end of the presentations, a discussion between the participants followed, regarding the conflicts of interest/conflict resolution in the aquaculture sector. The attendees discussed the topics risen by the presentations and agreed that it is crucial to manage aquaculture based on the scientific data produced, always in cooperation with research institutes for the protection of the environment.