During the forth semester, Regione Liguria organized the #4 stakeholders meeting, scheduled for March 12th. Unfortunately, due to the regional lockdown measures, the initial meeting needed to be cancelled.

This large meeting has been replaced with one smaller, which took place on the 27th of May 2020 with representatives of 3 Italian SMEs working on the ERDF ROP project SINDBAD (https://www.sindbad-liguria.it/) in order to work together and create a strong a useful synergy and cooperation. The project SINDBAD, just closed in 2020, is embedded in the field of Sea Situational Awareness systems, intended as the ability to provide information on the present and future status of weather and sea conditions, able to support sea workers at all levels during their activities. The project created in particular an online and free platform, which provides constant and up-to-date sea and weather forecast contributing to the diffusion of high-level forecasts crucial for the safety of navigation for all types of boats. After a short presentation of both project, the three SMEs showed the numerous of practical applications for boats and navigation in terms of security offered by the platform (https://www.sindbad-liguria.it/Mapviewer2/#/portale) for a specific and high level forecast in the Tyrrenian and Mediterranean Sea.

A synergy between these two projects, EXTRA-SMEs and SINDBAD, is possible and it can generate short and long period advantages for aquaculture SMEs. The first thing to do will be to create a direct contact between SINDBAD portal and local SMEs involved in EXTRA-SMEs project. As soon as Covid-19 situation will allow it, a seminar with local SMEs will be organized, in order to present the SINDBAD portal, receiving and immediate feedback from them on the possible practical use of this sea, wind and weather forecast on aquaculture and also some ideas for a possible new development of the functionalities of the SINDBAD portal in order to provide aquaculture SMEs with needed functions, such as numerical modelisation of smaller boats for example.

That's the proof of the importance of the cooperation among different projects: new updates soon, STAY TUNED!