In the context of Arezzo-Siena Action plan, Fondazione Arezzo Innovazione, with the collaboration of the Arezzo-Siena Chamber of Commerce has realized a video aiming to inform and  attract young female entrepreneurs on the added value of digital technologies  and 4.0 Industry tools applied to their business activity path. The video is in line with Arezzo-Siena Action plan's idea to offer “ Business Support Services for high tech female entrepreneurs”.

The video shows a series of interviews to female managers and entrepreneurs of Arezzo-Siena territory who represent the history and the driving force of the local economic fabric (in particular from Goldsmith, Fashion, Agri-food sectors) and that are to be seen as potential role models to inspire young women.

The video tells about their successful experiences highlighting the importance of female entrepreneurship and the opportunities that it can bring in the digital sector. It merges tradition and innovation, showing the link between traditional industries that form the backbone of the economy and industrial modernization and digitalization.

The video also involves representatives from the Spanish Good Practice STEM Talent Girl, that has been transferred in the Arezzo-Siena Action Plan, as model to apply mentoring initiatives for young entrepreneurs.