On February, 2nd FINCH Partnership met on-line to discuss about the end of PHASE 1 of project collaboration and the main features of the newly-started PHASE 2

Phase 2 is an innovative measure introduced in Interreg Europe 2014-2020 programming period dedicated to monitoring the implementation of the Regional Action Plans plans and the policy changes resulting from this implementation.

This Phase – that for FINCH Project started in December 2020 and will last until November 2022 – is essential for participating regions to demonstrate the value of interregional cooperation and make sure that its results are recorded systematically.

The core activity of this Phase, as said, lies in the Regional Action Plans implementation; the final approval of these documents initially planned for the end of Phase 1 has been posticipated – due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak – and is currently undergoing…and just today Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat approved first FINCH Regional Action Plan developed by the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia (Finland)! of which an introductiory (and meaningful) paragraph is here included

"FINCH project has offered new perspectives on heritage management, financing and valorisation that support cherishing cultural heritage in sustainable ways (...) The mentioned amendments to the South Ostrobothnia Cultural Strategy, the distinctive recognition of cultural heritage, is a policy change that was achieved thanks to the FINCH project.

Implementing the Regional Action Plan at hand leads to further developments in the Cultural Strategy. With the help of the new electronic source, a comprise guidebook that shares information about cultural heritage policies and funding possibilities, this policy instrument helps finding solutions for the valorisation of cultural heritage by supporting regional cultural heritage actors in adopting new approaches to funding and financing. In addition to this, the policy instrument will in the future recognise crowdfunding, increase awareness about the method and detail ways to support its use. Moreover, these actions serve to strengthen our regional actors’ sense of connectedness in and to Europe in terms of cultural heritage."

To get a full taste of this FINCH Regional Action Plan and of forthcoming ones please visit the dedicated folder into FINCH web Library

Photo credits: Pexels