In June 2018, seven European regions, including the Lodzkie Region (Poland), decided to join  FINCH Project to protect, strengthen and valorize the regional cultural heritage.

In the first phase of the project, partners analyzed the existing funding opportunities for the protection of cultural heritage in their regions and exchanged their experiences. They became an inspiration for others and an opportunity to consider transferring interesting solutions to other regions.

The project is now entering the second phase, in which the partners will implement the prepared Regional Action Plans, which were developed on the basis of the knowledge gathered in the project.

The Regional Action Plan is the main output of the project, which shows how the lessons learned from the project cooperation will be used to improve the existing policies of the participating regions. The Joint Secretariat of the INTERREG Europe Program has just approved the Regional Action Plan for the Lodzkie Region, which provides for:

  • incorporation of international solutions presented in the FINCH project into the Policy instrument entitled “Regional Programme for the Protection of Historical Monuments in the Lodzkie Region for the years 2020-2023
  • preparation, development and implementation of an internet platform for the promotion of regional cultural heritage and methods of its funding.

The full version of this Regional Action Plan is available at the dedicated folder into the FINCH web Library.