A new Finch Partner Action Plan has been approved by the Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat!:

the one developed by the Region of Thessaly (Greece)

It concerns two sub actions under the Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) relevant to a Culture-Tourism Route in Thessaly and a mixed scheme of private and public funding:

  • the first sub-action refers to specific calls for public and private investments focused on the Route, as well as a local pact of cooperation/cluster that will include public entities, SMEs and relevant associations and can gradually lead to a Local Quality Pact;
  • additionally, and in order to support and assess all these activities, a DMO- Destination Management Organisation is planned to be established, which will consist of representatives from both sectors. This organisation will be responsible for the design of the route’s Master Plan by a relevant entity and its funding will consist of both ERDF and private funding (eg from funds, crowd funding etc). The Master Plan will also include a relevant and unified Marketing Plan, possibility for knowledge exchange, adoption of a series of virtual tools (360 tours etc), and a study of special marking of the route points.

Both sub-actions will be funded by the Regional Operational Programme of Thessaly 2021-2027 and will be able to draw additional funds from other resources such as memberships, donations and provision of consulting and educational services to both public and private entities. 

To read the full content of the Regional Action Plan developped by Thessaly Region included in FINCH Library, please visit this link