Regione Piemonte (Italy), developed its Regional Action Plan in line with FINCH project main objective – to boost conservation, restoration, exploitation and management of cultural heritage applying financial instruments involving the participation of private actors in public-private partnership solutions – and inspired by the Good Practices shared and peer reviewed among FINCH partnership during Phase 1 of the Project activity.

The approved document includes 2 main Actions:

Boosting PPP into the Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development

The Action aims to prioritize the promotion of innovative and sustainable financing models involving both public and private actors to face decreasing availability of public resources destined to (onerous) conservation and valorisation of regional built heritage through the inclusion of FINCH learning experience into Regione Piemonte’s Strategy for Sustainable Development - the operational tool used to define regional policies, programs and interventions in order to include the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda in its regional policies and in line with the National agreements  

Strengthening PPP skills to support Cultural Heritage valorisation

The Action is designed to overcome the lack of appropriate knowledge of Public-Private Partnerships and is meant to consolidate expertise on this instrument in order to to lever new approaches in regional policy instruments addressed to cultural and environmental heritage valorization in line with FINCH cooperation activity.

The complete Regional Action Plan is available in the Library section of FINCH Website