On October 2021, Regione Piemonte launched its online activity designed to consolidate expertise and skills of public officers and encourage the use of Public-Private Partnerships to support Cultural Heritage valorization.

This activity – designed by FINCH Lead Partner Regione Piemonte in collaboration with its Regional Stakeholder “Fondazione Fitzcarraldo” – has been structured in three webinars on the following thematics:

    • overview of tools for activating Public-Private Partnerships: limitations and strengths emerged from successful (and unsuccessful as well) cases developed in recent years in Italy

    • analysis of social, economic, political conditions and the role they play in the activation and subsequent consolidation of the fiduciary relationship between public bodies and private entities for the purpose of Cultural Heritage valorization.

    • in-depth study on the recent special partnership mechanism introduced  by the Italian Procurement Code (Article 151) and applicable to all publicly owned real estate assets. For its characteristics, this type of partnership allows you to manage or overcome many of the critical issues that characterize other available tools (described in the first webinar) and stimulate effective sharing of strategies and intervention between public and private subjects.

As well  each webinar included 2 presentations of practices - at regional and National level - by speakers who shared their direct experience of PPP in projects for the enhancement of Cultural Heritage.

This activity is part of the Regional Action Plan Action entitled “Strengthening PPP skills to support Cultural Heritage valorisation” aiming at developing a shared culture of public-private partnership, favoring its diffusion and paying particular attention to the creation of specialized know-how for Regional officers focusing on PPP as tool to be used by Public Administrations to transform dismissed public assets through private actors involvement so to respond to (social and) cultural purposes strictly connected to the territory in which these assets are located.


Photo credits: Judit Peter / Pexels