Regione Piemonte, as FINCH Project Coordinator, has been invited by the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform experts on Environment and resource efficiency to share insights to be included in the Policy Brief on the valorization of cultural heritage in mountain regions

On November 9th 2021 the document has been launched during a dedicated webinar to explore policy solutions to better manage and valorise cultural heritage in mountain regions. 

Finch cooperation activity and lessons learnt are fully in line with Policy Brief foreword by Marie Clotteau, Director of Euromontana    

“In the face of today’s globalisation challenges, the cultural and natural heritage represents one of the few factors with the potential to drive the socio-economic development of mountain areas, contribute to the wellbeing of their inhabitants and help preserve their way of life. It is therefore a major strategic resource for the future, which can offer multiple social, environmental and economic benefits, provided that it is sustainably used and managed. The rich cultural heritage has also a very strong potential for innovation. As such, it can be used to revitalise mountain regions and foster the development of new entrepreneurial ideas to strengthen their attractiveness.  

To better preserve and valorise the cultural heritage of mountain regions, it is essential to keep an adequate level of funding, which needs to be used for preserving and better developing this place-specific resource while creating jobs, including in the most remote mountains. Technological innovations, such as 3D visualisations or 3D impressions should be better shared and made more accessible, including for SMEs. "

The full document, along with webinar registration and key learnings, are available at the following link: 


Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels