On Tuesday, May 31st, 2022, FINCH consortium held the online Final Event, with the extraordinary participation of EU and Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat representatives as well as FINCH Stakeholder Groups’ members and other representatives of the cultural environment at the local, regional and macro-regional level.

The event was a great opportunity for all the participants to share their good practices, experiences and contributions in terms of fostering cultural policies and financing instruments to address the challenges of the natural&cultural heritage preservation, promotion and capitalization.

At the opening of the event, Mrs. Stefania Crotta, Director of Environment, Energy and Land Use of Piemonte Region, held a welcoming speech, followed by a brief overview on FINCH Project by our FINCH Project Coordinator, Mrs. Anna Maria Caputano. (View/ Download Mrs Caputano's presentation)

Mrs. Aleksandra Niechajowicz Dell’Ambrogio, Senior Finance Officer at Interreg Europe Secretariat, presented the state of play of interregional cooperation on natural and cultural heritage, with focus on FINCH good results and contribution to Interreg Policy Learning Platform activities such as good practices, policy briefs and cooperation with kindred projects. (View/ Download Mrs Niechajowicz Dell’Ambrogio's presentation)

Our next speaker, Mr. Oscar Seguro Apostolo, Policy Officer within the Cultural Policy Unit of EU DG for Education, Youth, Culture and Sport, introduced to the audience their CulturEU funding guide – a remarkable handbook and on-line tool on EU 2021-2027 funding opportunities for the Cultural and Creative sectors, in an easily accessible and user-friendly format. (View/ Download Mr Apostolo's presentation)

After such inspiring presentations, Mr. Adam Abdulwahab, Policy Analyst within EU DG for Regional and Urban Policy presented another interesting subject on the agenda - Crowdfunding potential in European Structural and Investment Funds, a study from crowdfunding markets, identifying potential risks and success stories to developing blueprints for managing authorities. (View/ Download Mr Abdulwahab's presentation)

Mrs. Samanta Isaia, Managing Director, Fondazione Museo delle Antichità Egizie di Torino (Museum of Egyptian Antiquities Foundation in Turin) introduced us to the amazing world of Museo Egizio - a cultural heritage valorisation model and the first experiment in Italy of a museum management tool with the participation of the private sector. (View/ Download Mrs Isaia's presentation)

Also, the audience had the chance to learn about their inspiring distance learning programs that were developed in order to make the museum accessible online by schools and students during the pandemic period, a success story that turned it even more attractive to the public.

During the second part of the digital event, FINCH project partners shared their experiences on joining efforts towards the conservation, restoration, exploitation and management of cultural heritage, with the involvement of private actors and public-private partnerships, as well as the results and impact of their Regional Action Plans. (View/ Download FINCH Project partners' presentations)

At the end of the online meeting, the participants agreed that further financing of the investments in cultural heritage is the best way to keep it alive, to ensure its preservation in a more dynamic and innovative perspective, attracting and incubating new activities or revitalizing the existing ones, all contributing to the improvement of the general welfare of the people and the sustainability of the environment.

We take this opportunity to thank all the partners and participants for bringing their meaningful contribution to this event and for being part of our enthusiastic community of professionals!