The Italian Stakeholders Group grows wider with a new membership: Museo Egizio - the second most important collection, outside of Egypt, of Egyptian antiquities - just joined FINCH Project!

Museo Egizio – founded in Torino in 1824 – is the oldest museum dedicated to Egyptian antiquities and represents the second most important collection, outside of Egypt, of art and artefacts from this fascinating civilization who developed on the banks of the Nile.

In its almost 200 years of history, the Museum has repeatedly been transformed, renewed and rethought, to conjugate the needs of the scientific research with the ones of the visitors. The permanent exhibition presents the history of the Museum and its collections, the archaeological contexts of the objects on display, as well as the stories behind the expeditions, their organization and their discoveries. 

Since 2004, the management of the collection, owned by the Italian State, has been entrusted to the non-profit "Fondazione Museo delle Antichità Egizie di Torino", the very first experiment in Italy of a museum management tool with the participation of the private sector.  

In 2016, the museum has reached the goal of one million visitors within a year from the inauguration of the new fit-out. Firstly in 2015 and then for the following years, the Museo Egizio has proven financial solidity by over passing the 100% of incomes: the museum self-sustains its operations and devote the balance-sheet profit to research projects. The research perspectives carried out by the Museo Egizio are part of a program of internationalization and openness toward study and research centers in Italy, Europe and beyond.

Regione Piemonte, along with the University of Torino, warmly welcome the newcomer and look forward to a valuable and successful collaboration!