Practical examples, different solutions and recommendations for energy financing will be topics for discussion at the workshop organized by the University Centre Energy Efficient Buildings (partner) that will take place on 12 September 2017 in Prague.

The workshop aims to analyse best practice examples of financial instruments (FIs) in energy efficiency projects. It will examine each example in detail as follows: 

  • Preparation phase - how projects were identified, assessed, savings calculated and solutions selected and what the final project proposal was set up/looked like
  • Implementation phase – what worked well, what to avoid, financing options
  • Evaluation and monitoring phase – how long it took to adapt to new frameworks, to optimise operations, what human, time and technological capacities were required
  • Lessons learned, pitfalls and recommendations

The format of the event is to have a facilitated discussion among the keynote speakers and expert audience, including representatives of Managing Authorities, beneficiaries of financial support, representatives of municipalities, housing cooperatives, small and medium-sized enterprises, industry, consultancy firms and the banking sector.

The workshop is intended for the national stakeholders, all presentations and discussion will be in Czech. English summary of the event and individual contributions will be available after the event.

You can download a detailed programme here.