Ana Martínez, Agenex, is going to disseminate FINERPOL Project at the conference "Financial Instruments for the Low-Carbon Economy", a thematic workshop organised by Interreg Europe that will take place next 20th June in Brussels. 

Interreg Europe Success Case: Obtaining structural funds for the development of a new financial instrument, is the name of the lecture, where Ms. Martínez is going to explain the development of FINERPOL Project.  

You can see the programme of this event at the following link: 

This event is a great opportunity to know more about the latest financial iniatitives which are funding the RES projects, giving you the chance to: 

  • Hear about latest developments regarding financial instruments at EU level including changes in the next financing period
  • Examine set-ups for diverse types of financial instruments, including soft loans, guarantee schemes and revolving funds
  • Learn how financial instruments have been successfully established in EU regions
  • Understand what legal aspects need to be taken into account
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities between projects