After four years, the adventure of FINERPOL project ends with remarkable results. However it was a tough beginning because project partners had to tackle some challenges due to the innovation of the subject (Financial Instruments for energy renovation in buildings), the final results have shown the intense efforts that every region has undertaken to improve their policies through interregional cooperation. Because, from common needs, partners looked for joint solutions.

So, the outstanding results of FINERPOL project are shown in each Policy improvement of the participant regions. It is noteworthy the five Policy changes, some of them structural on Operative Programmes (like the case of Extremadura):

Besides these relevant impacts on each participant territory, FINERPOL Project has built a strong collaboration with the Interreg Europe Programme and other European regions, becoming a model to other initiatives. For example, FINERMAP tool compiles the learning process and make the searching for best practices related to energy renovations in buildings easier. It is a tool that many projects have used to look for inspiration.

Also, the project has organized a total of 23 events and participated in 34 third-party events where FINERPOL project has been disseminated effectively. Especially remarkable is the participation in two editions of EU Cooperates organized by Interreg EU.

2019 Edition:


In the 2020 edition, FINERPOL project has a spot on the conferences of Low carbon Economy:

To conclude, the project has filmed a final video where some of the main actors of the project share their experiences and the benefits of cooperation: