Last week in Rotterdam the Interreg Europe projects approved by the European Commission were launched. Extremadura occupies a relevant position in them by participating in more than 10% of the approved projects. So much so that Extremadura will lead two of these projects through AGENEX and Fundecyt, whose proposals have been accepted as coordinators.


 AGENEX will lead the FINERPOL project with the objective of designing a complex financial instrument for the energy rehabilitation of houses. This financial instrument would channel structural funds, private funds, European Investment Bank funds and funds from the Juncker Plan that will revitalise Extremadura Energy Rehabilitation sector in the coming years.

FINERPOL, with a budget close to 2 million euros, has the participation of governments and institutions from countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France or Italy, who are going to design financial instruments according to each country's individual needs.

As Spanish partners, apart from Agenex, FINERPOL has the presence of the General Directorate of Industry, Energy and Mines from the Regional Government of Extremadura (Junta de Extremadura).

AGENEX is also going to be involved as partners in two projects regarding sustainable mobility and energy efficiency in social housing, with a budget close to 4 million euros from structural funds.

In all, the three proposals will work to improve the effectiveness of an investment potential of more than 30 million euros, including structural funds, private funds and European instruments.

Interreg Europe Program

 Interreg Europe is a program funded by the European Union through Structural Funds, which just in this call has had 100 million euros. The aim of the program is to improve efficiency in the use of European funds, achieving more productive investment and better management of public funds.

To achieve a higher efficiency in the use of public funds, Interreg Europe fosters the identification, learning and transfer of the most successful political practices of the European Union, which ensure an optimal cost-effect ratio in investment policies and public services.

Extremadura leads and take part in issues of high impact for the region, related to business promotion, innovation, energy, ICT… seeking to improve the impact of the structural funds in these sectors.