Prague has been the venue for the last FINERPOL partner meeting held on December 11, where members could comment on the lessons learned from the project.

The main objective was to evaluate the development of the different Action Plans and the steps taken so far: meetings, agreements, preparation of documentation as well as difficulties encountered. Some of them have already seen the first results, as is the case of the City of Prague and Extremadura with the modification of the Feder Extremadura Operational Program.

In addition, the exchanges of experiences thank the interregional events were valued, the benefits obtained for each region were highlighted and the following conclusions contributed by all the partners were put on paper:

  • Cooperation between regions has facilitated the achievement of joint solutions
  • Increase capacity building of high-level stakeholders
  • FINERPOL has been a pioneering project on financing energy rehabilitation, an innovative theme that has shown that we should move from the Grants towards financial instruments.
  • Improvement of energy financing mechanisms and the creation of financial instruments to improve energy efficiency

This is the last meeting of project partners that will be held until the final conference that will take place at the end of 2019 in Brussels.