FINERPOL project ends with different results in the participating regions. Thanks to this initiative, 8 partners from 7 EU countries have improved their policies to implement financial instruments that boost energy renovations. FI are tools created to provide finance on a complimentary basis from the EU budget to address the policy objectives of the Union. Buildings account for 40% of energy use and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU. Currently, about 35% of the EU's buildings are over 50 years old, and by improving their energy efficiency we could reduce total EU energy consumption by 5-6% and lower CO2 emissions by about 5%. Increasing investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy for buildings is a major challenge, requiring substantial up-front investments (estimated at €38 billion during 2011-30).

Results in Extremadura

In Spain, FINERPOL has been developed thanks to the participation of Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX) and the Extremadura Regional Government through the Ministry of Mobility, Transport and Housing. Extremadura has modified its OP to alllow ERDF go to Financial Instruments (before this, only grants were allowed) which has fostered the creation of a Guarantee Fund for the energy renovation of multifamily buildings in Extremadura, with advanteageous conditions for the beneficiaries.

Results in Plymouth

Local authorities, community groups and the private sector often find themselves in the dark or without the staff to tackle energy issues in their buildings. As much as they are keen to lower carbon emissions and energy costs, they either do not have the knowledge or are just too busy to consider what can seem to be complex or expensive solutions. Plymouth City Council (FINERPOL project partner) has participated in the creation of a Consortium with Bristol City Council and Devon County Council; that thanks to funding from ELENA (European Investment Bank) resulted in the South West Energy Unit. This is a project development unit aimed at providing technical assistance to these sectors to help unlock energy solutions that will benefit the region.

Results in Western Macedonia

The Western Macedonia region was represented in FINERPOL thanks to the participation of the Research Committee of the University of Western Macedonia, who focused on the support of their OP for the transition towards a low carbon economy. The efforts of the Greek partners are concentrating on launching a call for District Heating projects in 2020, as part of the regional plan for the exploitation of biomass with emphasis on district heating.

Results in the City of Prague

The City of Prague has created a new financial instrument, available at the INFIN Programme for supporting start-ups and young innovative companies based in the City of Prague. This programme offers to young innovative companies preferential loans with zero interest rates. Thanks to FINERPOL project, INFIN Programme is designed also to increase accessible funding for innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Results in Czech Republic

Thanks to FINERPOL project, the Czech Technical University in Prague has promoted the launching of a new FI with a total allocation of CZK 600 mil to refit apartment buildings with four or more apartments that could reach the renovation of approximately 150 apartment buildings in the whole country with the exception of Prague by providing a subsidized, interest-free loan managed and distributed by the State Housing Development Fund. The call was launched in March 2020.

Results in the Northern region of Portugal

This Portuguese region has adapted its Operational Programme to the needs of its beneficiaries and the regional climate, maximizing the application of funds for supporting energy efficiency in public buildings and in the residential sector. The monitoring and evaluating methodology of the Operational Programme has been upgraded and also the eligibility criteria will become more flexible, promoting solutions adapted to the specificities of each building, leading to better results and reduced maintenance costs for project promoters. The project partner of FINERPOL in Portugal is CEiiA.

Results in Trento Region

FINERPOL was the chance for the Trento region to open a debate about how financial instruments could help to promote energy retrofits in buildings. Led by the Autonomous Province of Trento, FINERPOL project has boosted synergies with other European projects funded by H2020 programme, which has resulted in a proposal where Trentino will be the test area for the implementation of a specific banking product aimed at issuing green loans for energy efficiency. These results would not be possible without the shared experiences and learning of FINERPOL project.

FINERPOL (Financial Instruments for Energy Renovation policies) is a project of the 1st call of Interreg Europe Programme. The project started on April 2016 until March 2020.