MoEPRD has prepared the Action Plan, which draws up a further course of action. The Action plan is prepared based on the regional self-assessment of Latvia in the field of RES, conclusions made while implementing Project activities, consultations with national stakeholders and analysis of the identified examples of good practice implemented by other Project partners, paying particular attention to Poland’s experience in bringing together different sources and types of funding for the implementation of RES projects.

The Action Plan aims to contribute to more efficient use of available funding for the development of the RES area, gradual transition from grants to financial instruments, and to provide long-term investments and more integrated planning of the RES area as a whole.

The action included in the Action plan is: “Introduction of new financial instruments in the Emission Allowances Auction Instrument (EAAI) strategical document”. The action will ensure better use of EAAI for financing RES projects, as at the time of preparation of the Action plan, the EAAI is used in form of grants only.

The proposed Action Plan has been negotiated and agreed with different stakeholders, including other ministries responsible for or involved in the development of the field of RES.

The amended EAAI strategical document has been reviewed by the involved national institutions and is still being harmonized.