In the second decade of October 2018 the University of Food Technologies celebrated 65th Anniversary of its establishment. One of the anniversary events was the International Scientific Conference “FOOD SCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY” 2018. The conference gathered 156 scientists from 26 universities and research organizations to present novelties in food technology.

Prof. Plamen Mollov and Vihra Andonova presented FoodChains 4 Europe project within the context of the FOOD 2030 Strategy of the European Union.

The expectations and vision for the development of food chains over the next decade are related both to assuring a high level of food safety and traceability and to encouraging consumers to change their eating habits towards healthier nutrition for good health and well-being. The FOOD 2030 EU Strategy provides a suitable platform with a view to create efficient solutions for development of future-oriented diversified, sustainable and competitive food systems.

The FoodChains 4 Europe project is in line with the strategy since it aims to contribute to creation of sustainable collaboration between food manufacturing and food supply businesses and the research community that generates innovative solutions for the food chain.

The presentation of the Bulgarian partners focused on the good practices from the FoodChains4Europe project participants interpreted within the context of the FOOD 2030 Strategy. The good practice examples included Real Junk Food Café - Manchester; Food e-commerce (Retailer Hofwebwinkel) - Province of Flevoland; PDO, PGI Products of Emilia- Romagna, important for selling traditional products worldwide; Bulgarian innovative food products with European awards.