Maramures County Council, as partner in the Food Chains 4 Europe project, implemented in the 2nd phase of the FC4EU project, its Action Plan "Development of food chain in Maramures County”, aiming to support sustainable innovation of food chains and to enhance the value of local representative products.

By introducing the Good of Maramures labeling system, the first strategic objective of SDSMC 2014-2020 has been influenced - Increasing the connectivity and attractiveness of Maramureș County for investors to carry out innovative and high value-added activities and for tourists, Measure 1.2.3 Encouraging entrepreneurship, supporting producer associations (ecologic agri-food products, certified traditional products) and attracting investors in sectors with potential of development.

After two years of challenging activities, during a difficult pandemic period, the labeling system Bun de Maramures - Good of Maramures is operational. The Good of Maramures labeling system was developed based on idea inspired by 3 best practices of FC4EU partner regions:

  • Food culture and a strong regional identity in Emilia-Romagna
  • Flevofood network in Flevoland
  • Greater Manchester "Made in Lancashire" brand

Main actions that put into practice the Good of Maramures initiative:

  • Maramures County Council registered the trademark ”Bun de Maramures” (Good of Maramures) at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks and obtained the certificate of trademark registration for 10 years, with the possibility of extension. 
  • Association Good of Maramures was established by 3 local stakeholders and Maramures County Council concluded an agreement with Association Good of Maramures for FC4EU action plan implementation and gave the right to administrate the trademark.
  • Association Good of Maramures developed licensing procedure (methodology & applicant's package) and made the necessary steps to implement the Good of Maramures labeling.

Main results of Good of Maramures labeling system, in 2020-2021:


  • 14 press releases published on Good of Maramures Association and County Council websites;
  • 37 articles published in online, written media and TV