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Oldham and Greater Manchester Regional Analysis


Greater Manchester regional analysis looks at the decline of the manufacturing...

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Investigation of SME behaviour with Word Clouds


In this research questionnaire data were analysed with a special emphasis on...

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Government aid for entrepreneurs in Podkarpackie


The main important and expected support instrument is the Financial Shield 2.0,...

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International SMEs in the rural region


Companies located deeply rural, peripheral regions may have all means to be...

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1stSeminar on Regional Resilience in Europe


1st Seminar on Regional Resilience was organised by PBN on 21 January 2021

Type: Project

Financial support for SMEs in Poland


On 23 December 2020, the European Commission approved program for supporting...

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New Business Access Point


The Chamber of Commerce along with Fondazione REI and IFOA has created an access...

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Summary - Individual Firms Economic Resilience


Foundation Project "The Role of Individual Firm in Economic Resilience workshop"...

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Training Institutions in the Building Sector


CNA has created a single system to unify Training Institutions of the building...

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Project


Unindustria promptly responded to the need of producing innovative surgical...

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PID – Digital Business Points


The PID–Punto Impresa Digitale is a digital business point to promote the...

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Podkarpackie vs Coronavirus


Poland takes many actions to fight the negative influence of Covid-19 pandemic.

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