The Hungarian story introduces the new BSc and MSc programs which support the Industries, extended to dual education system. The initiative strengthens the cooperation between the engineers and the software engineers (I4.0)
The success story from Hungary was presented by Mátyás Andó, accociate professor of Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Informatics.

In the West-Transdanubian region (Hungary) there was no higher education program in the technical filed. Although there are many companies who need well educated employees. The Hungarian average salary is low, but it is increasing, considering the last some years. This speed-it-up the automatization – which increase the need of higher knowledge employees.

These facts led to the initiative that the industrial companies and the City of Szombethely asked the University to establish the mechanical engineering BSc program in Szombathely in 2014. This program is started at 2015 in dual system (every year at least 22 weeks practice in the companies).

From 2017, the faculty provides a Computer Science program to the students, namely software engineering BSc. In 2020, Computer Sciences MSc was created in the field Industry 4.0 (digital factory) also in dual system. Mechanical engineers can enter this program also, which provides them better personal connection between the engineers and the software engineers. This can help to speed up the digitalization in the industry.
The dual system provides extra scholarship for the students, so the students who are living in poorer conditions also have the opportunity to join higher education.
The cooperation also helps to upgrade the content of the lectures.

The main partners are:
•    Ames Hungaria Kft.,
•    Aptiv Services Hungary Kft.,
•    Autoliv Kft.,
•    BPW-Hungária Kft.,
•    IMS Connector Systems Kft.,
•    Ivy Technology AMS Hungary Kft.,
•    MAM Hungária Kft.,
•    Opel Szentgotthárd Kft.,
•    Roto Elzett Certa,
•    Schaeffler Savaria Kft.,
•    SCHOTT Hungary Kft.,
•    Szombathelyi Távhőszolgáltató Kft.,
•    TDK Hungary Components Kft.,
•    Uniriv Kft.,
•    Ziehl-Abegg Kft.,
•    camLine,
•    Pannon Business Network (am-lab)

The biggest achievements of the program that the students become employees already during the program - more than 90% of the student employed by partner companies. More than 15 companies joint to the program. The University, City and Industrial Companies together can establish the future economic growth.
It is a complex system which change a lot in the last years. Now, the partners can see much better what are the short- and long-term efforts which need to operate the system. The delay time is 4-5 years, and it cannot be shorter.

For further information on “Higher education programs with dual education system” please contact with Mátyás Andó [email protected] , associate professor and leader of the Computer Sciences Msc. At Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Informatics or read more on the website of the program: and