In the Reggio Emilia Technopole, at the Reggiane Innovation Park, a new 3D prototyping laboratory is now operating with technicians specialized in the engineering of 3D printed products to develop innovative solutions for optimal management of logistics, supply and feasibility issues related to the Coronavirus emergency. During the current health crisis, indeed, various companies and organisations – in health but also manifacturing sectors - are experiencing problems in their supply chain and have difficulties in sourcing specific parts and components. The laboratory services are offered to Institutions (Hospitals, Civil Protection and Universities) and to companies to create timely solutions in high quality 3D printing, to provide solutions to needs related to projects for the fight against Coronavirus.

The Lab is run by MAT3D, university spin-off of the UNIMORE and UniPR universities in Reggio Emilia, Modena and Parma, with specific expertise in the production of advanced innovative materials for 3D printing and in technological scouting for the application of additive manufacturing in traditional industrial processes. The two universities UNIMORE and UniPR, Progress Tech Transfer Srl and NextUp Srl are also present in the corporate structure. Progress Tech Transfer is the investment fund launched by MITO Technology and dedicated to the enhancement of technologies in the field of sustainability. 

The initiative is supported by REI Foundation, the innovation center of the High Technology Network of the Emilia Romagna Region and manager of the Technopole of Reggio Emilia and by Unindustria Reggio Emilia with which the startup is associated. 

The initiative is part of the European 3DP PAN EU project, a European matchmaking tool created to connect supply and demand in the field of 3D printing. The 3DP Pan EU project has the ambition and goal of increasing and promoting awareness, knowledge and adoption of 3D printing technologies among European SMEs. Additive Manufacturing has been identified as a crucial technology for updating and modernizing European industry. 

The current crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus has led companies and organizations - medical and other - to find problems in the procurement of specific parts or components. 3DP PAN EU provides its platform to help solve this problem, and is open to companies that want to provide emergency-related services. The project consortium is made up of Brainport Development, IDEA Consult, ART-ER, CIVITTA and Asterion Europe and is made possible thanks to funding from the European Commission. Subjects with production capabilities in the field of 3D printing open to collaboration with third parties can register on the site. In the same way, health institutes, manufacturing companies or any other company or organization that needs a product or service based on 3D printing are invited to enter their needs on the site and learn about structures that can respond to their request.