The exchange of experience process between FRIDGE project partners is gaining its momentum as the partners have started to work more in depth with their regional Action Plans. The Tasteful East-Flanders good practice from Belgium has received a lot of interest among the partner regions and in order to learn more the partners from South Ostrobothnia and Tolna County organised a special virtual meeting with the representatives from the Economic Council of East-Flanders where the Tasteful East-Flanders was presented. 

In the two-hour meeting organised on the 15th of November the representatives from ECEF held a comprehensive presentation of the good practice and answered to multiple questions received from the project partners and stakeholders from the participating regions. With the additional information gained from the meeting the partners from South Ostrobothnia and Tolna County can now further develop their activities based on the good practice. 

All together 13 participants joined the virtual meeting presenting the Tasteful East-Flanders good practice. 

Tasteful East-Flanders in nutshell

Tasteful East-Flanders is an activity carried out by the ECEF in order to promote local products from the region of East-Flanders together with over 250 food producers in the region. The activities are divided into 4 pillars, all of them including multiple activities. 

The four pillars are:

  1. Professionalisation and new management techniques
  2. Promotion of regional products
  3. Sales and Distribution
  4. Experience and Tourism

More information about the good practice can be read on the Interreg Europe Good Practice Platform: Tasteful East-Flanders. See also the PDF-presentation presented at the virtual meeting. 

Video interviews of Tasteful East-Flanders network members

For the promotion of the good practice the project partners at ECEF had produced very informative videos, where members of the Tasteful East-Flanders network were interviewed about their experiences being a part of the network.

VIDEO 1: Tasteful East-Flanders: Klingele Chocolade

On the first video Mrs. Eline Blanchaert, the entrepreneur of Klingele Chocolade shares her experiences of Tasteful East-Flanders. In the video she addresses how being a member of the network their company has gained more visibility for their food product.

VIDEO 2: Tasteful East-Flanders: Lage Vuurse Catering

On the second video, Mrs. Joke D’Hoore, the founder of Lage Vuurse Catering shares more on her experiences as a Tasteful East-Flanders ambassador - an actor who promotes local ingredients and food traditions in her cooking.

VIDEO 3: Tasteful East-Flanders: Vandersteen Winery

On the third video, Mr. Diederik Vandersteene - the founder of Vandersteene Winery shares his experiences of the network and how it has helped the winery to gain publicity through a wine tour.