By setting up training activities (workshops, coaching, webinars) addressed to representative of

LAGs involved and representatives of public EU funds beneficiaries we would train them on how to

practically include GPP criteria in their purchasing processes by synergy with the LAGs. The purpose

is carried out through training seminars or webinars, useful for potential beneficiaries of funding

measures of LDP in particular for measures of interest for GPP STREAM project. The training program

aims to increase the awareness on GPP within national context and their benefits and will be

addressed to stakeholders of LAGs involved on GPP; it will cover the analysis of Minimum

Environmental Criteria within the policy context of LPD in order to calibrate the training to the

beneficiaries’ typology and to the target of funding sub-measures.

The main topics will be:

- Know what GPP’s pros and cons are;

- Be aware of the existing national and European GPP framework;

- Be aware of GPP criteria and best practices for selected product groups such as indoor and

outdoor lighting, office equipment (PC and printers), vehicles, heating and air conditioning,


- Be aware of the parameters for life cycle analysis and life cycle cost of different products;

- GPP and tender model for public authorities.

At the end of each seminar the participants fill out the online satisfaction questionnaire