Partner North-East Regional Development Agency (RDA) from Romania took part in a third-party event of project XPRESS, funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme. The event was organized online, and there were representatives from the following EU projects: XPRESS project team, GPP4GROWTH, ECOPOWER, SYMBI, GPP-STREAM, MOVECO, and CESME.

The workshop main discussions:

- Experiences and ideas on Renewable Energy Sources procurement for SMEs and Public Authorities;

- How to boost innovation in RES through Public Procurement and Green Public Procurement;

- Barriers and possible solutions in the collaboration between Public Authorities and enterprises within GPPs.


GPP-STREAM was presented by Mrs. Georgiana Nedelea from the Romanian North-East RDA who shared experience with their Action Plan, which was developed within GP-STREAM project and currently being implemented.