The ‘Pact of Amsterdam’ of May 2016 has established the Urban Agenda for the EU: a new working method of thematic Partnerships seeking to optimise the utilisation of the growth potential of cities and to address societal challenges. It aims to do so through better cooperation between municipalities, regions, Member States, the European Commission and other stakeholders.

One of these Partnerships is The Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement. It seeks to facilitate a joint effort for a public procurement strategy of municipalities that facilitates and supports innovation and sustainability (social, economic and environmental). The aim of this Partnership is to push forward the development and implementation of an ambitious procurement strategy as an integrated and supportive management tool for governance. Using public procurement and the procurement of innovation as a strategic management tool, municipalities can significantly increase the positive impact on their social, economic and environmental objectives.

One of the tools of the Partnership is the questionnaire hereby, that aims at collecting information for three Actions: 

• Section I relates to ‘Action 1: Managing strategic procurement’ – open until 29 March.

• Section II relates to ‘Action 3: Financing of Innovative Procurement’ – open until 29 March

• Section III relates to ‘Action 6: Local Competence Centres’ – open until 12 April.

Please note that depending on the type of organisation, only the relevant sections of this questionnaire appear. Other sections might be skipped automatically.  

In order to support these three Actions in collecting as much information as possible, feel invited to  participate in the survey and share it with your network(s).  

Find a link to the questionnaire here, you can also download it as a pdf here