GPP4Growth brings together 9 partners from 9 countries, involving the managing authorities & regionak bodies influencig regional and national policy instruments, to stimulate eco-innovation, resource efficiency and green growth by promoting GPP.
GPP4Growth subscribes to the viewpoint that public procurement is a key market for the promotion, consolidation and expansion of the green economy. Public procurement is key to the economy in general, as it alone represents nearly 1/5 of the EU's GDP, and by consequence, it constitutes the single largest market and demand factor for products and services in Eurpe. It can thus be reasonably understood as the main vehicle by which to carry forth the green transformation of the economy.

GPP4Growth seeks to enhance the public procurement reform (2016), i.e. the regulatory framework prepared by the EU to induce eco-innovation, resource efficiency and green growth, by using new award criteria in calls and tenders that integrate environmental considerations. In particular, the new rules nable and encourage public authorities to set up, publish and manage calls and contracts that require businesses/bidders to: a) comply with environmantal obligations; b) integrate environmental costs in their offers based on a lifecycle cost approach; and c) deliver goods fulfilling the requirements of environmental labels, reducing at the same time administrative burden.

The GPP4Growth summit provides an organised forum for EU regions to learn from each other on green public procurement practices. In particular, the objective is to explore a set of questions turning more broadly towards the market availability and potential for green products and services in the EU.

The summit therefore aims to provide answers on how the question of market availability and potential for green products can be conceptually and practically approached in a useful manner so as to promote green growth and eco-innovation through improving the sustainability of public procurement.

To confirm your attendance please register via before 1/12/19