The public procurement market in Poland in 2019 amounted to PLN 198.9 billion, which accounted for 8.75% of GDP. The public procurement system in Poland enables the implementation of pro-ecological procurement, the so-called "Green public procurement". More and more Ordering Parties decide to make such purchases, thus shaping new trends in public funds spending. Simultaneously, it’s very important so business is prepared to participate in such tenders. Especially, that introducing new pro-environmental solutions to the market, entrepreneurs develop innovation and build competition in this area.

Activities related to the creation of green market for products and services, both on the part of the Purchasers and potential Contractors, have been planned in the "Regional Action Plan for the Lodzkie Region" under the project entitled "Green Public Procurement for Resource-Effective Regional Development" - GPP4Growth (INTERREG EUROPE Programme).

On December 10th, 2020, the first meeting titled "Closed Business Cycle" was held, to promote and keep GPP in the regional mainstream. During the meeting, various aspects and benefits related to the implementation of a circular business model, as well as the introduction of "green" standards in public purchases, both on the demand and supply side, were discussed. In addition, the results of research on the potential for the development of circular business models in the Lodzkie Region, carried out under the project entitled "Local Government Center of Circular Economy Łódzkie GREEN HUB" (Regional Operational Program for the Lodzkie Region for the years 2014-2020) were presented.

More than 50 representatives from of business, public and science sector participated and discussed with great experts in the relevant field:

 Mrs Anna Górczyńska, Phd, the Centre of Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnersip/University of Lodz;

 Mrs Agnieszka Sznyk, BEng, INNOWO;

 Mrs Małgorzata Hordyńska, BEng, Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice;

 Mrs Małgorzata Koszewska, prof, Lodz University of Technology;

 Mr Piotr Sosnowski, lecturer, University of Lodz;

 Mrs Karolina Szczepaniak, Question Mark.

The meeting was held as a part of the organized from 8th to 10th of December, on-line event entitled "Circular in Business". Due to the great interest and the lively and inexhaustible discussion about new opportunities, initiatives and ideas, we are already planning the next session in the following year!