GPP4Growth is pleased to announce a new networking cooperation with the LIFEproETV project, which is aimed at promotion and building market acceptance of the Environmental Technologies Verification scheme (ETV).

LIFEproETV project is implemented under the Governance and Information component of the EU LIFE Programme. The goal of the LIFEproETV project is the promotion and effective implementation of Environmental Technologies Verification (ETV) as a voluntary scheme with a strong recognition and acceptance on the EU market to support uptake of new environmental technologies for the benefit of reducing the environmental impact of EU SMEs, industries and public sector. To untap the potential of EU ETV, the LIFEproETV project will aim to:

a) Increase the awareness, knowledge and understanding about ETV as a voluntary environmental scheme that facilitates market entrance of new environmental technologies (supply side) and supports transparent, evidence-based procurement decisions (demand side);

b) Build capacity, skills and knowledge base for ETVEU-wide uptake and easy access of SMEs to ETV;

c) Create favourable enabling policy environment encouraging the uptake of ETV on EU and domestic markets as a tool while helping achieve environmental climate and innovation policy objectives;

d) Foster the scale-up of the EU ETV pilot programme within and beyond the countries participating in the EU ETV Pilot and towards new technology areas.

LIFEproETV is realised by a consortium of 8 partners from 6 countries currently involved in the EU ETV Programme and outside it, as well as an organisation of a European dimension and thus allows to address ETV promotion, market acceptance and recognition from a variety of perspectives.

You can find out more on ETV here:

GPP4Growth and LIFEproETV network to achieve common goals by supporting each other’s activities, such as social media interaction, organization of events, publication of news or dissemination of articles.