The meeting took place on the 2nd of June (Friday) in the office of the Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency, Bulgaria. The meeting was attended by 8 local stakeholders, including representatives from the Region of Stara Zagora, the Executive Environment Agency, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Stara Zagora and Community Donation Fund in Stara Zagora.

The meeting began with a presentation about the GPP4Growth project, the problems that the project addresses and aims to solve. The team of SZREDA answered all the questions that were asked during the meeting and all of the stakeholders participated ensured their support regarding further questions and issues regarding the project and the project activities. One of the representatives of the Community Donation Fund suggested a good idea for policy recommendation that can be discussed and implemented in the GPP4Growth project.

All stakeholders confirmed their readiness for attending the upcoming  stakeholder meetings in the next semesters.