In the frame of Green Pilgrimage Project, the Department of Tourism, Economy of Culture and Territory Valorisation (Project Partner n. 4) is organising a conference about Italian and Apulian policies on cultural routes. Speakers from the Puglia Region and its strategic plan PiiiL Cultura Puglia will be present. Also representatives of the two itineraries certified by the Council of Europe, Via Francigena and La Fenice - Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, and other international and national projects such as the Via Michaelica, the Via Appia, the Cammino Materano, the Strada Delle Fiabe and the Cammino Dei Fari will participate in the discussion.

In this context, successful cultural experiences of the territory regarding Festival, hospitality and hospitality will also be presented. 

The audience will be also composed by representatives of the Diocese of Canterbury (United Kingdom), Norfolk County Council (United Kingdom), Kent County Council (United Kingdom), Östergötland County Council (Sweden), SouthTrøndelag County Authority (Norway), National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism of Bucharest (Romania). 

The conference is open to the public.