On 5th November 2021, Puglia Region - Department of Tourism, Economy of Culture and Valorization of Territory organized the last stakeholders meeting of Green Pilgrimage Project. This event was realized in Fasano (Puglia) in occasion of a Local Community Practice event of an Interreg 2014/2020 Italy-Croatia Project named “TAKE IT SLOW”, in which Puglia Region is an associated Partner.

The general aim of this initiative was to assess the state of the art of the natural and cultural heritage with the direct involvement of local stakeholders: the ideal occasion also to share the positive impact of GREEN PILGRIMAGE Project and the policy changes made on the Apulian territory.

Particularly, during this event, stakeholders discussed about the sustainable promotion of the territory of the Municipality of Fasano (a city south of Bari crossed by the Via Francigena) and how the pilgrims of the Via Francigena of the South can benefit from the support of public and private bodies, and the local community. In detail, Mr. Angelo Fabio Attolico (expert of Puglia Region and main speaker of the event), illustrated the progress of the Apulia Region in this topic, especially describing the main effects that the Project produced on the regional policy change. Finally, there was also a bottom-up debate with participants to plan the promotion of the territory considered by the project also in view of the future programming period.