Norfolk has a rich history of pilgrimage from as far back as 1061 with the establishment of the Walsingham shrine as a site of national importance. Although the prominence in everyday life of pilgrimage peaked in Medieval times, we have seen a revival in interest in pilgrimage in the 20th century with Norfolk’s Walsingham being named in 2003 as ‘Britain’s favourite spiritual place’. With beautiful countryside, 1200 miles of trails for cycling and walking and a wealth of heritage sites - Norfolk has more medieval churches than any other county - there is much to attract visitors.

This study visit  taking place from 10th - 13th September 2019 focuses on 'Understanding the Impact of Pilgrimage on People & Place' sharing expert opinion on the potential of pilgrimage and ways to measure this.

To read more about this study visit including the day conference event, see the Norfolk Study Visit Report in the Library section of the Green Pilgrimage website.