During the entire day, several inspiring sustainable topics will be discussed. The day starts around 10:00, we wrap up around 16:00.

Welcome by VRT

Hendrik Verthé of A Team Productions tells us the story of Torpedo, a feature film shot in a real size submarine. How did they design this, what challenges did his team encounter and how they will recuperate this giant construction?

The craft of set construction: Aude-Line Dulière manages a project on craftsmanship and set construction linked to circular economy.

Guided visit of the costume, decoration and wood workshops of VRT


In the afternoon we split up: specialists on set building and decoration will have a roundtable meeting with policy makers and reuse experts, while the rest of the participants follow general sessions on sustainability. At the end we meet again for final conclusions.

 Group 1

Diane Waumans explains how VRT embedded SDG's within their program charter and how they translate sustainability throughout their public broadcasting company.

Riet De Prins produced TV series Buck. She shares her hands-on experience on sustainable production. How did she manage to halve her CO2 output?

Emmy Oost introduces Impact production. What type of partners can help you dig deeper in the content of your story. Who might be interested in funding your project and can be helpful finding the right public? The Miracle of Almeria is a documentary involved in this project.

VRT invests a lot in LED light and innovation. Walter Vanderstukken, the head of the VRT light department explains us how they work and guides us through his department.

Group 2

We will host a round-table discussion with representatives from the film industry, specialist in set construction and decoration, reuse organisations and policy makers. Can we work towards a manifesto for sustainable set constructions? What actors should be contacted? What are the first steps? Is there the need for more time and better preparation, in order to work more efficiently, safe, sustainable, ... Pulse (Transition Network Youth, Culture and Media) will facilitate.

Joint Group

Debriefing and conclusions (Tim Wagendorp)

Return to Brussels by public transport.

Practical info

Friday 7 June. We start at 10:00 and end at 16:00. Lunch is provided.

IMPORTANT: Venue VRT, Auguste Reyerslaan 52, 1043 Brussels (Metro Diamant + 10 minutes walking). Afraid to get lost in Brussels? Join us at VAF – we leave at 9:30 and travel in group.

Costs: for free!

Should you require overnight accommodation, we are happy to recommend Motel One.

You need a passport or ID to enter the VRT!