Open Regional Stakeholder Group mee

During the 2021 edition of the Environmental Week, the City of Kristiansand invited to an open Regional Stakeholder Group meeting.  

GRESS project leader Øyvind Laderud opened with a status update and a short presentation of upcoming activities. Business support organisations and start-ups have been at the centre of the event. 

How to promote green innovation and entrepreneurship and contribute to more viable green start-ups?

Two newly founded companies, Entomo and Norsjor, presented their business ideas and provided fascinating first-hand insight into the needs of start-ups. 

Innovation Norway, the Norwegian government's organisation for innovation and development of enterprises and industry, explained how they work with Gründer and which support instruments they have at their disposal. 

In addition, attention has been paid to the Green Economy Observatory of the Emilia-Romagna Region, an initiative by GRESS partner the Metropolitan City of Bologna. 

As a result of the policy learning process, the Green Observatory has been identified as a good practice, and Kristiansand explores the possibility to adopt the concept. In this context, the City of Trondheim presented a similar idea. 

First draft of the GRESS Action Plan

Another highlight was the presentation of Kristiansand's first draft of the GRESS Action Plan.

The city suggests: 

  • Creating an "Impact Hub" as a competence forum for the green building and construction industry stands for 40+% of all greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • A systematic approach towards the use of start-ups in solving municipal challenges, e.g. through innovative procurements.
  • An awareness-raising campaign to increase EcoLighthouse certificates.