The GROW RUP project will be presented at the Association of the Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union (OCTA - Ocean Conference (16-17 October 2019) “From the Poles to the Tropics, OCT’s Blue Landscape” in Brussels.

The presentation will focus on the Actions defined in the Action Plans that concern directly blue growth. Humanity rely on Oceans for water, food, climate and air. Nearly half of the World's population depends directly on the sea for their livelihoods. Seas and oceans are also drivers for the economy and growth. Aquaculture, fisheries, coastal tourism, transport, marine biotechnology, seabed mining, ocean energy, communication (submarine cables) are sectors with a high potential for sustainable jobs and growth. However, with growing human population and activities, oceans are suffering from pollution, overexploitation, coastal degradation and climate change. 

We believe that these learning will be of great interest for OCTA members and that it will provide a relevant insight into island territories sustainable use of maritime resources and opportunities.

The GROW RUP partners would like to thank the OCTA for their invitation at the event.