This workshop wants to bring together European regional representatives and stakeholders’ delegates in order make the first move towards an interregional coordination on Personalised Health, gathering commitment and set up means of cooperation. Specifically the Workshop wants to:

  • Present the European Personalised medicine context, its challenges and opportunities for regions
  • Showcase success stories of INTERREG EUROPE (highlighting how these innovations have facilitated better management (rehabilitation) of patients, usually in a multi pathology condition, and even prediction and prevention of a disease.
  • Present the Vanguard/Esther Pilot on Medtech

        The Vanguard Initiative is preparing a pilot on medical technologies (Lombardy region is         co- leader). The main aim is to mobilise joint investments on health related technologies. This         field remains very important for the implementation of Personalised Health and for this reason         will be considered within the Workshop. 

  • Discuss about how to build a stable interlink between these 3 main blocks (IC-Permed, INTERREG Projects and Esther) which cover the whole health value chain (research, development, Patient experience); Brainstorm about priority areas to focus on.


DISSEMINATION: The workshop represents the opportunity to exchange TITTAN and INTERREG work to a community usually not directly involved in these Actions. It can serve as a bridge between two communities (policy makers and scientific) whose interaction are still low. It is worth to mention that Interreg, IC Permed and ESTHER stakeholders never link nor meet. Most of the times they duplicate the work whilst energies and resources disperse (FRRB is part of IC PERMED and Esther and it is not so unusual that activities are just replicated).

INVESTMENTS: Within INTERREG Actions, innovative models have been showcased. Some of these BP are likely to represent a valuable basis also in consideration of Personalised Health aspects. This may favour a wider deployment of these programmes/projects and attract more investments Europe wide.

SUSTAINABILITY: The Workshop represents the possibility to exploit all the results achieved by INTERREG projects for a global challenge (personalised health) which can be tackled also at regional level and that has reached the top of the political agenda. All the regions participating will be involved in the interregional coordination which is being built.


  • Regions representatives and stakeholders delegates Participating in INTERREG EUROPE Project with a focus on Life Sciences
  • Regions Participating in other INTERREG programmes with a focus on Life Sciences;
  • Regions representatives and stakeholders delegates Regions Participating in VANGUARD –ESTHER Pilot
  • Other interested Regions representatives and stakeholders delegates

NB: the workshop and the Project Proposal are intended to be a mean for “sustainability after the end of the projects” as the perspective of the creation of an interregional network where exchange of experience, mutual learning models in life sciences are maintained and a common priority agenda on Personalised Medicine is created in the following years.

If you want to participate at this event, please send a request to the organizers via [email protected]