Enhancing Regional Health Innovation Policies through the Living Lab concept

Interreg Europe helps regional and local governments across Europe to develop and deliver better policy. Helium, one of the Interreg Europe projects, is focusing on Health Innovation policies. By creating an environment and opportunities for sharing best practices, Helium aims to improve Health Innovation. Among other inspiring best practices, we concluded that the living lab concept which is built upon principles of user driven open innovation has the potential to enrich the existing sets of instruments for regional innovation policies.

During an one day event, we would like to discuss the role of the living lab concept in regional policy instruments for health innovation. Potential issues to be discussed are:

  • Involvement and engagement of SME’s in the living lab process. SME’s are by far the most important category of companies for health innovation.
  • The innovation strategies of the European Union and the living lab concept
  • The role of living labs for mission oriented research and innovation
  • Cross-border living lab
  • Purpose economy and the living lab concept

This event will bring all Interreg Europe projects together with an interest in improved policy for health innovation and/or the living lab concept. During the event you will have a chance to share and exchange ideas and experiences.

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