Project Events

HERICOAST staff exchange in Molise


The aim is to deepen how the Molise region has managed Dolphin´s Coast brand...

Type: Project

5th stakeholder Meeting, Hericoast in Palencia


The aim of this 5th meeting with the stakeholders of the HERICOAST project is to...

Type: Project

HERICOAST in AR&PA Biennial 2018

08/11/2018 - 11/11/2018

HERICOAST dissemination event to make visible stakeholders contributions and...

Type: Project

HERICOAST stakeholders meeting in Valladolid


Stakeholders of the Hericoast Project decided the action chosen for the action...

Type: Project

“Impressions at the end of phase I of HERICOAST ”


During the last HERICOAST press conference, conclusions, impressions,...

Type: Project

Regional stakeholder meeting in Lunca, Tulcea County


Last meeting of project stakeholders in Lunca (Tulcea County), an important...

Type: Project

Stakeholder Meeting, Action Plan-Valladolid


Stakeholders of the Hericoast project discussed the actions that will be taken...

Type: Project

Our heritage: where the past meets the future


Hericoast project will be presented at the event with the explanation of the...

Type: Project

HERICOAST – Local Stakeholder Event Molise Region


The focus of the event will be discussion about Action Plan, through involvement...

Type: Project

HERICOAST meeting with mayors in Lea Artibai


Hericoast continuation of the project: -Remember the objectives of the...

Type: Project