Last January, the Castile Waterway brand was present at FITUR with the followings activities:

  • On Wednesday, 22 and focused on professionals, it took place a presentation on the Castile Waterway in the STAND of TURESPAÑA. Representatives of public institutions linked to the Waterway talked on the experiences developed and the possibilitis for development. Among them, the General Director of Cultural Heritage, Gumersindo Bueno, presented the Castile Waterway brand as result of the interregional cooperation carried out within the HERICOAST project.
  • Also, in the Castile and Leon stand in cooperation with the Diputaciones of Burgos, Palencia, Valladolid and the Wine Route of Cigales, focused to public in general, the Castile Waterway brand was disseminated among visitors who attended the International Tourism Trade Fair. In this case, the activity consisted of downloading an app with the game called CanalGAME and test people knowledge about the Castile Waterway.