Under the HIGHER initiative, the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia on behalf of the Region of Central Macedonia organised on 5th and 6th of October October in Thessaloniki two events for the importance of public-private cooperation through the development of innovative products and services.

On Thursday 5th of October 2017 the Workshop on ‘Innovative good practices in the sectors of agri-food and tourism’ was conducted at The Met Hotel during which selected innovative projects and good practices of public/private collaborations in the sectors of agri-food and tourism, that are a priority for RIS3 in the Region of Central Macedonia, were presented.

The workshop was attended by 39 representatives from the HIGHER project partners and stakeholders from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia, Lithuania and Greece. The presentations of good practices were followed by onsite visits to the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) and to the American Farm School.

On Friday 6th of October 2017 the Intermediate Event of HIGHER project entitled ‘Regional/Interregional collaborations adding value to the local ecosystems’ took place at ‘N. Germanos’ Congress Centre. HIGHER project partners’ representatives and stakeholders from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia, Lithuania and Greece participated in the event, which aimed at highlighting the importance of public/private collaborations for effective innovative initiatives that can promote economic growth and competitiveness at regional level. 

In the 1st Thematic Session of the event, HIGHER project status, outputs and expected results were presented. The 2nd Thematic Session included presentations on innovation strategies and policies, good practices at regional level and tools for the promotion of public/private cooperation with emphasis in the sectors of agri-food and tourism in European countries (Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Spain and Greece).

Among others, the Minister for Agriculture of Tuscany Region Mr. Marco Remaschi, the former Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food and President of the Agronutritional Cooperation of the Region of Central Macedonia Mr. Konstantinos Kiltidis, the representative from AgriFood Capital – Northeast Brabant – Netherlands Mr. Simon Maas, the Cluster Manager of Arctic Smart Rural Network cluster from Finland Mr. Johannes Vallivaara, the representative from the lead partner of HIGHER project ‘UAB Research Park’ Mr. Juan Sangüesa, Mrs Maja Ferlinc representing the Slovenian Business & Research Association and Mrs Martina Pennacchietti were present in the event. 

The presentations can be found at: www.interregeurope.eu/higher/library/;