The partners of HIGHER project and peer review experts group met in Thessaloniki (Greece) on 4th October 2017 in order to discuss the recent progress and learn about innovation ecosystem of the Region of Central Macedonia.

The meeting, organised by the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia, took place at the Met Hotel, and it offered partners the possibility to plan the future of the project together. First of all, the partners spoke about management and financial issues of the project and after they reviewed the outputs achieved during the third semester and planned the activities to be performed during the next semester.

Furthermore, the meeting included an internal communication workshop to share the communication plan's contents and the state of the art of its implementation, fully understand the future communication tasks and verify if the strategy fits the project needs. 

During the workshop the representatives worked with good practices from ten different regions and moved towards local action plans. 

In the afternoon, the 2nd peer review meeting was an opportunity for representatives to present and share the work done regarding the addressed policy instruments.