Database and web application has been developed to facilitate European collaboration among stakeholders as to facilitate collaboration among public entities and SME's. 

The Smart Map is an interactive platform aiming to provide a complete overview of the RIS3 strategies in, at least, regions involved in the project (Catalonia, Marche, Abruzzo, Central Macedonia, Cambridge, North Portugal, Stockholm, Slovenia, Central Macedonia, Slovenia and Lithuania), using Google Maps technology. Moreover, the project will enlarge the platform with Europe-wide information.

This tool allows the users to filter regions according some criteria, including the key enabling technologies (KETs) and economic sectors in which a region aims to specialize. Given the relevance of connecting different regions (and their stakeholders) European-wide, this instrument becomes very useful when detecting which territories are developing innovative activities in the same sectors, looking to promote synergies among them to design and implement further projects.

European territories have been mapped on two dimensions: smart specialization startegies and territorial cooperation vacation.

Going over the filtered geographic area, the information window shows the RIS3's list in the selected area and the territorial cooperation assets. Clicking on the RIS3, lead to the RIS3's data sheet, where all information about the domain are shown, including the policy objectives and territorial cooepration assets.

There are three typology of organization identified: innovators (organizations active in Horizon 2020), cooperators (organization with at least one territorial cooperation project managed as Lead partner) and HIGHER contacts (partners and local stakeholders).