Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership (GCGP), with the support of the HIGHER project organized on 30 March 2017 an Interregional Meeting at the Future Business Centre, Cambridge.

The meeting examined different approaches to Smart Specialisation in the context of the policy instruments chosen by the nine HIGHER project partners. This was done through an initial scene setting presentation linked to the benchmarking exercise that formed part of the second semester; a series of presentations highlighting national, regional and local approaches in the UK and Sweden; a series of best practice presentations related to the UK policy instrument; and, finally, a series of presentations from other HIGHER partners demonstrating best practice approaches to Smart Specialisation and highlighting the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process, governance and transnational collaboration and value chains.   

Setting the scene

Nelli Mikkola, from Nordregio, gave a presentation highlighting the Smart Specialisation benchmarking exercise and linking it with the Smart Specialisation best practice examples to be demonstrated by the HIGHER partners.

Smart Specialisation in context

Howard Partridge (Innovate UK) and Viola Hay (Knowledge Transfer Network) gave a presentation about the national approach to Smart Specialisation in England, focusing specifically on the Smart Specialisation Hub.

Steven Wilson (GCGP) gave a presentation on Innovation in GCGP and the East of England including the East of England Science and Innovation Audit. T

Arivan Tutal (Stockholm County Administrative Board); Petra Dalunde (Kista Science City), and Johan Blaus (KTH Royal) gave a presentastion about Smart specialisation in Stockholm.  


Best practice examples

GCGP stakeholders gave a series of presentations about projects currently being delivered under the UK policy instrument chosen for the HIGHER project. Cheryl Cook (Anglia Ruskin University) gave a presentation about the KEEP+ project. Jan Storgards (Anglia Ruskin University) gave a presentation about the REACTOR project and Vicky Hlomuka (Central Bedfordshire Council) gave a presentation about the Innovation Bridge project.  

Smart specialisation good practice 

Finally, the HIGHER project partners Maja Ferlinc (AUMS), Edgaras Liechteris (LIC), Alberto Demetrio (PRUAB) and Catarina Selada (CEiiA) gave a series of presentations  on Smart Specialisation good practice, highlighting the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process, Governance and Transnational Collaboration and Value Chains.

The presentation slides can be found at: