ANI, a member of iBuy consortium, will organize, on October 16, the “Capacity building a driver for IPP [Innovation Public Procurement] transnational cooperation” international seminar at the Auditorium of the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering. 150 specialists, originating from 40 organizations within 12 different countries, are expected to participate.

In what will be the first event held in Portugal regarding Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI), the importance of Competence Centres and of other public policy instruments for promoting empowerment in implementing public contracting of innovation, shall be discussed. This will also be an opportunity to discuss the role of Public Procurement in the promotion of innovation and of cross-border cooperation opportunities.

During the morning, the discussion will be centred around case studies relative to Public Procurement of Innovation in six countries (Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Greece and Spain), where it will be possible to discuss public procurers’ skills as a critical factor for success. The afternoon will be dedicated to showcasing the experiences of five European Competence Centres:  Austria (PPPI), Germany (KOINNO), the Netherlands (PIANOo), Spain (CDTI) and Sweden (Nationella upphandlingsstrategin). There will also be a round table available for countries in which future IPP Competence Centres have been proposed: Portugal, Estonia, Greece, Ireland and Italy.