In order to test new approaches towards boosting innovation through public procurement three iBuy partners have requested pilot actions regarding PPI/PCP.

Lead partner Lithuanian Innovation Centre, as well as two more partners – Balearic Foundation for Innovation and Technology and Ministry of Economics of Latvia have requested to test new approaches in boosting innovation through public procurement in their respected countries.

Lithuanian Innovation Centre is planning to set a competence network for PPI. It includes several actions: identifying key stakeholders and building a data base, organising experience sharing events, supporting the creation and facilitation of buying groups, and providing support for conducting pilot innovation procurement projects.

The two other partners base their pilots on capacity building initiatives that aim at enlarging the knowledge of both, public officers and stakeholders, about PPI/PCP and consequently lead to more projects, with larger impact.

Pilot actions submitted by iBuy partners is currently under review by the Interreg Europe’s Joint Secretariat. If approved, pilot actions should start once the first phase of iBuy project is over.